Monday, October 21, 2002


Evolution is a crazy thing. What most inspired me to begin this blog is something totally different than what currently drives my present motivation.

Ultimately, I wanted a web log that offered newbies to computing and internet life a chance to get informed and inspired about learning.

Technology is constantly changing and it is difficult for someone to find their way through all of the offerings with no guidelines. Especially in the world of SPAM, Viruses, and just plain badly designed sites.

Information that is comprehensive and reliable and resources which assist visitors to find other areas of interest are valueable to Technology's overall usefulness.

However the underlying theme of this blog may change, I hope to at the very least keep this site easy to follow easy to interact with and hopefully provide some solid tips for inspiring people everywhere to get involved with IT.

I post as I go. The idea that my publishing efforts may bring people to a place of confidence with all levels of their IT understanding, implementation, and creativity will continue to be the fundamental goal.


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