Tuesday, October 22, 2002

The pioneer spirit. I have published eBusiness articles regarding overly using "free" to promote your web service.
Free services are a marketing effort to both arouse and increase interest. The reality of the web is that anything worth having is worth paying for.

We have learned that having a web service esp. a ground breaking web service is twice the effort and half the reward. Why bother? Labour of love! Technology rocks! No doubt its cool its fun and it provides a new awareness to the act of living.

I am all for web service evolution. I am all for free things, but lets face it totally free is not a reality at this time. The world still strives to become organized and make sense of itself, therefore, money will always play a key factor in survival of the fittest. Bad ideas don't generate revenue and die out. Good ideas generate revenue, thrive and become more useful.

The best way to encourage something you like is to invest in it, with whatever resource is available to you, time, technology, know how, creativity, money, etc.

Free your mind first and foremost!


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