Thursday, October 24, 2002

Well, I am continuing to research blogs, blog publishing (BOPs), I have located many spin off sites in support of the Blog evolution and revolution. I think I just have a web service fetish or an need to communicate. I really liked the fact that the web service that I promote has some affiliation potential with blogging.

One because it brought me to blogging which after playing with Yahoo! Geocities was most refreshing. My only example of self web page publishing, it was limiting, challenging to embed a database into, and difficult to master. Once you had everything on your page just right. You could not add new content without having to start over with all of the "extras". Even now, I have content on my Geocities page that needs to be updated but I wouldn't dream of starting that process all over. It took me at least 3 hours to get it right in the first place.

Not a good resource for someone like me, I have basic programming knowledge and skills, hyper-creative mind, love of publishing and the internet. I was made for blogging.

Yahoo! should seriously consider buying this technology to replace geocities. It's so non committal it's perfect. I can change content according to any current event. I have total editing control and blogs respond surprisingly well to code.

Now you know why I get so damn passionate about blogging. The fact that I have large amounts of publishing content just makes this a marriage of the subconcious.

I will continue my quest to find business partners for database enabled blogging. After all it's so easy to embed code with blogs that adding a database has got to be on the minds of any and many.

I have been cussed out by those that assume that this union I am suggesting, because it is brand specific for eCriteria that it must be a sales scam. We are by far the least complex and affordable database web service on line. That is the main reason why eCriteria looks to partner with blogs. Most blogs are free or low fee based what sense would it make to promote an expensive tool?

Now, that I have seen the light I have joined Blogger Dev Groups this Group may be located at: BloggerDevGroups
There I have published a post requesting feedback to my ideas. I have created a relevancy poll regarding database enabled blogs and I have added our news link to the resource area.

Check out this Group, if you join, check out my contributions. FEEDBACK IS WELCOMED.


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