Monday, August 04, 2003

A Look at electric commerce/ebusiness practices more questions more information
Five Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Venturing Out on an eBusiness (Internet based business)

Lessons observed:

1. Do I have a Product (actual item or merchandise to sell)?
2. Do I have a Service (actual skill or method of doing something that saves the average person time and/or money and has been tested and proven to work and stand out against potential competition)?
3. Is there an actual demand for my product/service?
4. Is my product/service supplying the potential to generate a demand?
5. Am I going into eBusiness because I think It's easier than a brick and mortar business?
You should have been able to answer Yes to at least one of the first and second questions. Yes to questions three and four, and No to the fifth question.
If you did then and only then should you proceed with your eBusiness Venture.
Still not confident?
Some other helpful thoughts to entertain are, finding about about the competition, is there a lot? a little? or none? Understanding what this means. Most people think that a lot of competition is worse than none. It's not true, no competition means you are a front runner in a brand new field and you are going to spend a lot of time convincing people to trust you.
Is my product/service/business actually "useful"?
Is there a better way to perform this function or make it even easier to learn, use, work with, explain?


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