Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Some IT news worth mentioning.

In the 31rst and 32nd issue of Inforworld Magazine I located a few consumer relevant articles. Chad Dickerson and Ed Foster are two of my favorite writers over there because they both have that innate need to connect to consumers regarding IT news and advancements.

"We're Not Invisible" - Why is IT like Rock 'n' Roll; Chad Dickerson
"Open Source for a song" - Investing in free IT services; Chad Dickerson
"Buy now, pay later" - Used hardware, software licensing agreements; Ed Foster

In Chad's articles he discusses analogies that may improve the overall morale of IT in addition to reminding the industry that it is not invisible. People are watching and reading and if you impress them with your harmonization capabilities they will be buying. In open source for a song, he relates to the number of times he has benefitted, profitted, and used open source software like Apache and MySQL. He realized the relevancy of dropping money in the tip jar as an investment in continuing to support these open source softwares.

I think it sends a good message. I have also participated in donating to free services that I have benefitted from. I think it is a great idea to maintaining free software and free tools for developers and users. Even the occaisional 5.00 here and there gives back and makes it possible for the things we like to stay around for the future to use and have fun with.

Finally, Ed Foster, he's the biggest consumer advocate I have come across. He is excellent at sniffing out trouble spots and likewise he pulls no punches when it comes to telling IT like IT is. There is a strong initiative to recycle hardware however, software licensing is attempting to make it impossible for software to extend to the next user. The very purpose of recycling hardware is to enable one getting the most out of sufficient hardware and two making available affordable technology to economically challenged areas. Me for example, I needed a lap tap but I didn't have the financial security to invest in a retail purchase. I located a great price on a resold laptop. It was perfect for what I wanted and needed it for.

So recycling hardware does bring technology to areas that would otherwise have to go without. It is important for consumers to know that their rights are being limited by corporate interests. How do they expect to elevate the lowest common denominator if they would chose to neglect it in favor of excessive revenues?

Definitely food for thought. I encourage IT news followers to let me know their favorite Magazines and Contributors/staff writers.

Locating quality IT related information is the best way further its understanding and investment.


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