Thursday, October 31, 2002

Here goes another one. I found a web forum today sponsored by InfoWorld Magazine. You have to register but then you can have at it. Surprisingly enough, there was a forum discussion on blogs. Many interesting questions arose regarding business applications, popularity potential, and the like. Many thoughts that I have expressed here and tried to get feedback from and for. Blogs are only limited by the imagination of the users.

That is the phenomenon!

We are so used to being the last to know that now that there is an opportunity to determine the future, there is much confusion. I am and will forever be on the web service bandwagon.

Anyone there to keep me company?

What doesn't frustrate will inspire. I found yet another free tool resource to let bloggers know about. This site offers free tools that: Submit to 40 search engines, Allow you to see your link popularity, Increase your link popularity,Check meta tags, and Create robots.txt files.

Free internet tools @


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