Monday, August 25, 2003

Can we rebuild IT, if we have the technology?
Enterprise Document Management (EDM), web based solutions possibilITies.

How can businesses and organizations with no IT staff or in-house solutions providers create cost-effective solutions for managing information for broad and crossed section transactions implementations? Enterprise web based solutions are a key component for scenario conditioned IT management functionality demands.

The benefits of web based solutions are: no intensive programming knowledge is required, there are no server bottle neck restraints, there are no specific browser type or PC hardware limitations or requirements, and there are no desktop downloading issues in the presence of multiple-user interface for real time business transactions.

Hosting requirements may then become streamlined consistently with size and growth requirements for secured and reliable usage facilities, thereby servicing cross platform architecture with customizable tool offerings.

Document Management Solutions (DMS); include physical documents such as:

 Invoices
 Purchase orders
 Shipping orders
 Shipping invoices
 Billing invoices
 Account history reports
 Legal documents

Document scanning solutions and template downloads which integrate embedded text and CSV. Files are two solutions which, serve to:

1. Minimize the paper consumption and waste
2. Globalize business transaction processes
3. Interweave open source B2B requirements
4. Expedite the information consolidation process
5. Alleviate the mismanagement possibilities concurrent with the “ one to many and many to many” aspects of modern business development initiatives.

In so doing valuable time management concerns, employee resources, and corporate costs structures within a 24/7 time frame become easier to implement seamlessly within responsive a budget.

This solution offers an expandable wrap around feature, which encompasses interaction requirements for all sized businesses for B2B, B2C, and C2C demands.

For example: a home office may utilize this solution for the mobile dynamics, small to mid size business for mobile, b2b, and growth requirements, an enterprise and large corporations for inter/intra departmental, B2C, and global office requirements respectively. Now IT suddenly, makes sense when viewed as an improvement tool rather than a replacement tool.

As with this situation, you can see that involving responsive technologies doesn’t change business or the way it gets done rather supports it by providing preventive solutions recognized from years of research and analysis.

Web based/online databases take credit for being one of the first deployments for web service offerings. The emphasis on database evolution to not only realize this solution suggestion but to establish it’s first of a kind standard for real time implementation on any budget is vital to knowledge management.

Quality web based development tools offer uploading tool feature within a database structure, output data files (i.e. data files containing locations, names of image files, and additional relevant data extracted from a physical document) and prepare it for the above listed actions. Of course, with this type of solution the opposite function is also true. As it serves to enable “extracting” web stored data to be downloaded into individual desktops for additional needs where open source concepts apply. Lastly, newly downloaded or revised data and data files may be stored and accessed via hard drive or disk then re-uploaded for additional interactive based requirements. This process creates a functional filtration system for data and document changes and exchanges while eliminating opportunities for duplication and mishandling resulting in lost data or incomplete transactions.

Document scanning solutions vs. Transferable embedded templates and forms.

Both are relevant solutions options for physical document transfers. The main criteria for this decision making are internal ones.

If the company standard includes paper only forms which are purchased in reams or bundles and copied or maintained in paper file format, scanning hardware for documents would be the solutions requirement preferred for time management purposes. Investing in scanning hardware is not a requirement primarily, but a favored choice for converting older paper only file maintenance methods with new software and web based ones. This expansion consideration becomes applicable where longer term or longevity focuses and strategies for extensive B2B initiatives are concerned.

Financially secure businesses or new businesses may have afforded opportunities to:

-Convert older systems
-Timely apply IT based forms solutions
-Extend and weave modern methods of form purchasing (i.e. creating software, downloadable forms, and create templates within pre-existing software like MS Office tools).

In these instances, any sized business will find maintaining a web-based tool to be the self-sufficient selection, requiring no additional hardware investments to achieve immediate implementation.

All output types require only industry standard formatting of plain-text ASCII like: .txt, .csv, .mdb, .xls, XML, .jpg, .gif, etc. file extension or types (those currently found in MS Office or MS Office compatible software).

Publishing wizards, assist in database creation, specification, HTML code generation, and URL links. In order to activate mobilization; database access, linking, and publishing requirements. Varied database user types also provide additional business usage features based on these standardized requirements and demands.

The one remaining concern would be that of security as it pertains to web based services. A standardized data protection security system has been created and enabled specifically where web database’s role in servicing this area is concerned.

Additionally, layered password protection based applications for account author and user interface. Further, server side and server based securities customizations developments provide the finishing touches so that implementations of this solution address concerns of: Consistent up time, Optimum data protection, and Data author / User protection even when published on the Internet.

Amazon’s initiatives will ideally inspire the variety of eBusiness requirements and automation initiatives for everyday people. Web services are gaining popularity and momentum.

The best part is that these services work for the novice as well as the programming expert.


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