Monday, September 01, 2003

Congratulations IT’s a MOM
Understanding the Metamorphoses of Middleware

Much of my trade related reading on IT and web services brings Middleware into the discussion. I am also newly coming across speculations regarding the fate and future of Middleware exclusively as a topic. I can understand how those not fully in touch with terms and ideas regarding IT developments could yet again become confused by the use and definition. Understanding IT is becoming a new religion in the myriad of writings available to date. Thankfully we have made personal publishing more available so that these topics may be explained and discussed before actually becoming such.

“Diverse Middleware technologies exist to service diverse environments. Ideal Middleware systems support the following functions:

To expose data in applications
To expose methods and functions in applications
To translate different data formats between applications
To enforce business rules for data and function sharing
To manage communication between applications”
(Chapter 1 page 16 of Open Source Enterprise Solutions by Carbone and Stoddard, a Wiley Publication.)

The most recent article I found on Middleware actually discussed its mortality with certain conviction. Why? For obvious reasons that all mediations have their importance and their dismissal. Sometimes it is relevant sometimes it is not, when it is misused, misapplied, or misplaced it then seems irrelevant, however, this is not an absolute merely circumstantial. Middleware in my humble opinion is useful within hardware applications for system efficiency and useful in software applications for web services and of course for studying its duties in order to create better software applications in the future. My favorite and to me the heartbeat of Middleware is for the purpose of completing AI developments as an infrastructure integrator.

After all data size and complexity does matter. Huge data resources and weaving complex software are places where Middleware proves its value the most and lets not forget Search Engine Optimization requirements because we are not quite there yet. Search Engines are the favorite overlook resource because one we see its constant change and because two, the details that form it are much like building a mansion from toothpicks because of the remaining uncertainties “out there” in the space of life. Still it is one of the greatest enabler’s because it does serve to acknowledge all things while automating its flow of relevancy and definition as it shape-shifts in its own elasticity.

The reason for this quite simply is that data must be simplified once harvested either in bunches or in abundance. Meaning that it must be organized in like categories, relational properties, and weeded out for duplications and incompleteness until IT becomes stable.


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