Friday, November 01, 2002


I am back. I have found some new terms with regard to web service enabled publishing. KLOGS and Wilki, I have run a Yahoo! search just to make certain they were real. I haven't followed up on my research beyond that point. I have asked members of my blogger groups to come and visit my blog and give me feedback on their thoughts.

I want to thank those that did so far and I am looking forward to those that will. I am learning as I go. I have found some interesting commentaries through blogging groups.

Bugs are a weekly scare. Typically, everyone wants to blame themselves. I have gotten a lot of email from my groups where technical issues are concerned. Most of the time, the host has to fix it. The rest of the time its got something to do with the template being used or the codes being used.

I have found that blogger has editing and publishing limitations that other blog hosts don't but I use just because I like that fact that there is actually some socializing that goes on within the user base. Its got a cozier, familiar / familial feel that isn't common in general.

Blogs lack controversey, in and of themselves, so the stimulus must come from the user, content, or comment on some varient of the two.

I am rounding out my blogging pages. I have found that many of these templates offered aren't worth the time. No offense to the designers out there. I am a free tool freak so, nothing against providers. I have just read a lot of reactions to code publishing issues. I have had them myself, but since I have a basic knowledge on how to place code. I find that when I have difficulty its usually a fault not of my own. I finally changed to this template because it gave me more content opportunities but still there are things I would like to do to this page that I cannot do.

I am not all together certain if the upgraded versions of blogger have look and feel customization tools. I usually compromise and add content from the edit boad rather than the template because I rationalize that this template wasn't really generated to be altered much. Though, it's a step up from others I have played with and two what won't work on the template will typically fit nicely on the post size wise and I don't have to worry about updating the look and feel as often. Which is another perk to blogging over other web page publishing.

Editing content is more versatile, user friendly, and non-commital. So changes, which are natural and unavoidable, are made with greater efficiency. It's a rationalization. I think it would be nice if blogger enhanced the templates so that there existed greater flexibility. I need to visit more blogs and see what others have come up with before I put a conclusion on this topic. Still its something to consider.

Happy Halloween/ Dais de los muertos/all souls day!!!

SiteProNews - The Webmaster Resource Site

New resource button, some of the tools I have mentioned so far came from this newsletter resource. btw these tags/buttons for promotion are available all over the place on line. I just collect them as I go. Post them for a day or so and move on. Another non - commital plug I was referring too earlier. This particular newsletter, I would like to see publish more blog oriented content and tool resources. I have sent them an email suggesting as much, please do the same. Blogging needs support from the media.

Blogger tool wish list:

**Spell check in the tool bar of blogger editing. They have it on web crimision so it can't be that hard to create. Given the choice, I still perfer the intimacy/community feel that blogger provides over other publishing sites. If I have to pick.

Please give me feedback, invite me to your blog, show me what I have failed to find on my own discovery missions, let me know of resources you use, would like to use, etc.


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