Saturday, September 20, 2003

Developers’ are you wishing that everyone would just get with IT?
What is holding up the consumer interest in IT developments?

This is a relevant topic for those that develop technologies as well as those who are leading the pack. Things are improving but not at the pace that it should be..It is only natural to wonder what is holding things up?

Many blame the failing economy; others blame the recent political overtures of the administrations that are. This has some reasonable validity, however, the economy has always been known to rise and fall, administrations come and go every four years. What is the solution to this problem that is ultimately right enough not to be subjected to the ups and downs of a world that no one person can control?

We know that the initial release of eBusiness overtures served to stagger the economy and disappoint entrepreneurs, corporations, venture capitalists, and consumers alike. As a result of this set back and disappointment suspicion has replaced enthusiasm. Likewise many of the global aspirations have found themselves in a state of arrested development vertically.

Capitalism often misunderstood, often misused, will never lose its place in the sun as the best and noblest way to grow business and consumer interest horizontally. What happens after that is where Socialism has its reciprocal and responsive place that works every time. The conflict lies in everyone getting “IT” straight, where they are in terms of nationalism, corporations, marketers, and the like. When doing something that is never been done before makes one a pioneer whether they embrace the title readily or no. This is way awareness and organization are so vital not to create militant unflinching groups but to create fluidly productive communities of organizations so that when all the lessons have been learned merging can then integrate with successful and beneficial result.

Holding on to the past and lessons learned is only productive reasoning until everything is understood comprehensively then it is time to move on and in moving on to the next phase one finds themselves moving forward one more step closer to the goal in mind. This should be the focal point of all eBusiness initiatives striving to recover. Understanding the “temperance” involved by definition the balance based on appropriation of emotional tides and currents internally and externally in any given situation.

If it sounds easy, it’s because it is. If it sounds like work, that is because it is. The question the remains are you willing to deal with what at first glance appears paradoxical in essence? In order to get past the mysterious oasis and regain or reclaim that victory that one first sought? For those that are; this is the right time to begin preparation for the final advancement to triumph with the afterglow of previous success or lessons learned illuminating the way. Like two hands the left benefiting from the right the right benefiting from the left until both can work in unison to grasp the attainment of real achievement.

Developers’ wishes are consumer wishes; national wishes are global wishes; and back again. Wishing for it is the first step to realizing how to implement IT. Are you going to do IT?


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