Monday, November 04, 2002

Once Bitten Twice Shy:

I have good news to report. The site that I mentioned as a newsletter resource, included their button on the previous entry, has responded to my request for blog related content. They are interested, I have already emailed them what I have and I encourage everyone to do the same. I am a Public Relations Manager in the IT industry so blogging/publishing/news content managing are my thing.

As I am new to blogging, having only been a practicing blogger for a few weeks now. I am going at it everyday. Learning, asking, publishing my heart out and loving every minute of it.

I have found a new resource, notice how I like to keep 'em coming?? This one was sent in from another blogging group I joined also hosted at Yahoo! Groups. The tool is w.bloggar. I believe its located at BLoggar. I found it from the digest sent from The services group at Yahoo that I just mentioned, which of course, I found out about from my participation at BlogDev Groups.

Anyway, this is a good one, esp. for my wish list needs and blogger upgrading issues. Earlier I talked about preferring but wishing there were better editing tools. I researched and found that most of what I wanted was only available with the upgraded content. Which means I would have to pay for it. Not that I mind paying for it, eventually at this point in my learning process, however, free is better. I probably don't have to explain, I am certain I am not alone in this revelation.

W.Bloggar, is a free download that provides desktop publishing functionality for use with blog sites including that do not offer these tools with standard service. I took the bait, downloaded, used the set up wizard and got it ready, I have tested it and it works, I now can update my blog without logging in to blogger. I may now use tools like font changes, layout options, font colors, spell check, and more. Best of all the look and feel is modeled after Windows XP, so the tool bar is in color and the interface is seemless. It's like having the advantanced blogging package without the fee.

I realize from working in the IT / Web Service industry, that if blogging continues to become the rage many will begin charging. Hopefully, by then we will all be fluent in the language of blogs and have content worthy of fee based publishing. For now I am grateful for the dress rehearsal opportunity.

As a side note:

To the right of this page I have three links I want to just go over them so that they makes sense:

The news link will take you to the search page of my article database, there you may view by title and or topic articles / news that I have written and published to get some more information on where I am coming from, IT related interests etc.

feedback link will take you to a poll I created for basic feedback on the basic issue of utilizing advanced tools for more business blogging.

Finally, the contact link, a couple of you have already put this link to use, you click on this link and you are taken to a page where your name and email may be added to my database for contacting.

I realize that I could have done this differently, but I wanted my visitors to experience options that database functionality can bring to a blog, meanwhile, I wanted to provide content that otherwise would not have worked within the backbone of this template. Of course, I appreciate all visitors and participation. I will notabuse the contact information you give me. I will reply to you and contact you on the basis of discussion. This information is secure and can not be retrieved by anyone except me and unlike the article database there is no public searching option only data entry.

Meanwhile, I am going to do what I do best and keep learning and posting. I look forward to visitors and feedback so keep it coming.



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