Monday, October 20, 2003

Finding yourself in IT
Discerning the ways in which one may find themselves exposed to technologies on the web.

Old school vs. New school

Old school publishing meant using FTP:// as a grass roots effort to contribute purity to the web. HTTP:// is the most popular method and is becoming preferred.

The object of the Open Source Initiative as a growing movement into the future of IT began with simply making source codes and software as freely available as possible. Now however, it is much more. It is also about identifying with the realities and necessities of the web as it is transformed by the people for the people.

Had I not been exposed to web log (blog) publishing opportunities I most likely would have found myself a frustrated FrontPage addict. Geocities runs very similarly to the static content publishing features of front page. To be fair a vast majority finding themselves on the web prior to 1999 most likely got their start here. Either way if you have explored private publishing efforts as opposed to the commercial ones you have been exposed to terms like TCP/IP and FTP protocols.

Previously commercialism was what defined stability, reliability, and quality content. Things have changed to reveal that the key factor of a worthy web presence has less to do with finance and more to do with content and expression. The division or differentiation of that which is meant to propagate and that which is meant to inform has been a growing concern in American regarding its media methodology.

Ways in which you may have arrived at locating FTP protocols for published pages would be: intensive research leading you to research groups, blogging, FrontPage or desktop publishing software publishing systems. Meaning that you either built up to the web via available desktop software, jumped right in looking for more advanced tools for private publishing, or you simply took advantage of the opportunity to utilize the Internet as an information centric resource.

For me it was a combination of the three though blogging ultimately won over my fidelity. FTP protocols are used in establishing a URL for your personal file server. This is usually preferred for those who are not interested or able to invest in more expensive server purchases or those that are simply getting started with the concept of web publishing as a new medium and therefore want to ensure their control within the realm of the uncontrollable.

Should you have your own server? Honestly, only if it means more efficiency, less cost, and enables more creativity. Extranet features (like web logging) are evolving and becoming more reliable as an industry responsive offering to the public. This means that developers that offer hosting as a software bundle are prepared to be responsible to their commitment. The OSI allows for both ideas to exist because it acknowledges the need for honesty and stability within the efforts of publishing requirements and IT stability.

Trust Factors

It is natural to have distrust although organizations and communities like OSI are blossoming to alleviate this pressure or confusion. Distrust comes from knowing that irony is an alchemy; not everyone who speaks to you is your friend or is honest. This is as true on the Internet as it is in real life.

The best part about the Internet is that it records in real time the wrongs and better enables more aggressive yet peaceful methods of policing. IT webs are also good for capturing flies and giving people more power to define and defend their sense of right and wrong democratically.

This is another reason why the government is eagerly participating. Their job becomes more coherent and precise when crimes are taking place via the Internet. They don’t have to trouble over the time it takes to collect facts and evidence. It’s already there.

Still, it will continue to take time and it is important for Netizens to be as informed about web related irregularities as those in their neighborhoods. This means understanding everything from top to bottom, who’s doing what, and why. Then it is possible to find out what IT means to you and what you can do about IT.

Gray Areas

Benefiting from the unknown can be more than exploitive if it is approached correctly. Again giving credit to the persistence of OSI which, stood in instance over freedom and freely accessible methods of involvement. This is a wonderful thing if you are awake enough to recognize the extreme benevolence in action. IT is only as great as society insists it to be. So we have computers so we have the Internet, now I have more to think and worry about because it only serves to parallel real life rather than improve it. Who is going to spend their last dime to get involved in that? Only those that stand to profit. Thankfully this is no longer the case. IT involves more than just parallels it encompasses the opportunity of real growth and idealism to excel and dominate therefore influence new standards.

The Value of Developing IT standards

Protocols as I have attempted to further explain in previous posts are method by which standards are pronounced in the order of importance and for relevancy. Presently Political Structuring dynamics are defined by the prioritization of Social, Economic, and Relational Methodology. I reference this as relevant by the polarization or double entendre of the use of the word Protocol subjective and objectively. The main conflict between software initiatives and web based ones were those detailing support protocol influence and motivation.

Example: there are hundreds to thousands of ways in which one may provide IT services likewise there are an equally relevant number of ways that the informed consumer may elect to invest in them. The relationship of the many-to-many is what decentralizes core focus pivotal for success or the attainment of a goal. This factor collectively shifts the definition for the relevancy of IT exponentially.

The solution is to consolidate protocols within the core that may then by further expressed or externalized in a perimeter, which completes it. Got a visual? Think of the external layers of the eye. The pupil represents the core that then colors in the entirety of the sphere that then is border by the same color that contains and encompasses vision. The irony of alchemy is that the any definitive of a conceptual visualization is that which is determined logical by the same expression. The political version of this assumes an alternative characterization or geometric shape the square.

Unity of the common principle re-establishes the emotive significance as best represented by the circle for its collective purpose of accomplishment. The question then becomes,” Can you see IT?”

Familiar Protocols


The idea is to simplify for effectiveness. Differentiating only where necessary for the entirety of an object to be fully recognized in order to move on. So that while there is within the realm of possibility the opportunity for many Protocols there are only a select type that are necessary for the Darwinism aspects to mainstream it. This is the majority; the majority is that which represents the most readily accessible. If the most efficient is also the most available (OSI indicator) then the mission is successful and Creativity may then exist within the expression of that which has been universally enabled until it is likewise successful. Then the core creativity may expand or with reference to the pupil benefit from its innate elasticity circumstantially with regard to organically defined appropriation.

Good news to date:

AOL has released a beta version of its own web logging tool.

Microsoft has reportedly been researching developments to enhance its FrontPage software in response to the growing popularity of web logging and refined personal publishing.


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