Sunday, November 09, 2003

Once upon a time..
Disruptive Technologies became
Technologies of the Year..

Will blogging reinvent itself to stable publishing efforts and again thrust itself into society with a whole new edge?

I am surprisingly optimistic. Trends come and go. Blogging was no exception everyone that has heard about it has given it a go. Those still standing mean what they blog about. I have located several recent articles benchmarking the predictions of two years ago that this hype would pass.

After all consistent publishing implies a kind of commitment not only to free speech but to having something to say likewise having a cause one really believes in. If we all had that going for us the world would indeed be a very different place.

Those that do will and those that don't will ... Ideally evolve.

One of the articles I thought may start off a new kind of blogging initiative was Morphing blogs to business.

The concept of Business related blogging initiatives is not so new. However, the innovation required to implement the idea intelligently is gaining momentum.

When I was bugging RSS developers to broaden their horizons to RSS syndication for database data. No one knew what to do with the concept.

Now that times are catching up with technology the relevancy is becoming obvious after all, any instance of data sharing or group data collection would require that current information and edits be readily known to any and all participants. New data in knowledge management, group data collection, and public databases make new data news data.

This would also further the evolutionary causes of database development innovations everywhere being able to seamlessly integrate RSS with any and all database platforms.

With more of XML, XML Schemas, and XML -RPC developments being integrated into desktop organizational platforms server side database development can only benefit from a closer look.

Blogging in general is based on server side database publishing so that the feed is structured to published pages of unstructured data. Taking this concept and kicking it up a notch to service structured data of both the critical and non-critical variations alike will only further causes for business initiatives globally at a far more productive pace.

All current events can be located from your feed reader of preference before you even leave for work in the morning.

The only real question now that everything is coming together to something coherent and cohesive is who's working that hard anymore?


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