Sunday, January 18, 2004

The Buzz on Bloggin with the times...

I have been laying low in an effort to catch the buzz of the latest IT related movements..Blogging is still gaining momentum.

Some of my favorite advice related articles regarding bloggers I find address issues like how not to get fired because of your blog and how to get a book deal but there are others here that address issues covering the full scope of blogging concerns for the next generation as well.

Microsoft continues to move in and out of headlines as the software most loved to hate. But even Microsoft is rumored to be mounting the blog bandwagon solidifying blogging as the grandpappy to progressive technologies. Whether you support Microsoft or cringe at the mention the bottom line is they were doing it first and if they are doing it now you have to know it is here to stay. Open Source need only ride the waves and dive into the overflow.

Still in the competitive world of independent technologies the focus for better and worse is shifting to Browser Based and WebService/Web based development. For obvious reasons, its more practicle. If technology is truly advancing toward convenience its gonna have to be easy to access and easy to implement for this reason the internet is the most obvious platform to connect and interconnect parallel data.

Generating the confort zones for data definition is yet another hurdle. When the average person hears the word "data" they think of the Trekkie character or of some highly classified lab somewhere where governments do secret research for covert operation. Most of us don't consider personal rantings, ravings, exerperiences, and discoveries in life to be worthy of the sophisticated connotations that "Data" seems to deliver. The truth is data is just a word given to discuss whatever is there to discuss or collect for further discussion.

Still Blogging is getting another year of lime light to strut it's proverbial stuff for the purpose of fully defining perimeters for the potential usage and functionality of browser based; web service technologies. Anyone that argues this point is quite delusional and should be approached with extreme caution. What this means for the non-revolutionary is another year to lift the banner of creativity and find yet another way to implement your blog and not get booed for it. Technology needed to give something to the masses in order to maintain its sense of direction in the massive blackness of evolution and exploration. What we do with our blogs determines our priorities. If developers can collect relevant priorities and divide the divide back to human terms it will know just what the next big boom is going to be. The reward for this is free tools to play with.

Pretty cool.

I often collect articls of interest pertaining to new technologies and or blogging specifically. The latest collections of respected publishings related to this years focus for IT has me rethinking earlier intuitions about web logs and web services.

Some of the articles influencing my predictions are: "The New Enterprise Portal" article from Infoworld Re: The browser-based protal is fast becoming the enterprise UI and the nexus for a new breed of integration and applications development,"Gupta revs embedded database" from eWeek which discusses upgrading SQLBase embedded database (lets face it embedded database are the nucleus for all internet application of relevancy),"The Marketing of the president 2004" from Baseline which refers to presidential candidate Howard Dean's clever use of blogging to further campaign causes. Likewise, this has gotten a lot of attention for IT lovers just because of the association.,"Are you ready to love blogging?" from Basline Magazine discusses the benefits of encouraging employees to blog rather than fighting the inclination. This serves to bring the focus back down to the technology itself and the inspiration it delivers at greater strides than any other since the search engine really. The implication of encouraging employee blogging is that valuable information and be located and thereby improve the ideas supporting business development. and finally "Weblogs Bulk Up" a small Infoworld blurb regarding vendor initiatives to custom design software specifically for business to implement effective blogging technologies.

And there you have it from the source. I don't make this stuff up. I do believe that a miracle can happen simply by chemical reaction to compounds. I will continue to monitor this until we arrive.

My personal take:

Initially, I believed that business relevancy would determine the guiding light of browser based/web serivce tools. Now, however, I am realizing that creativity or rather the science of art instead of the art of science will be the ring leader in how it all plays out. The power is with the people.


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