Sunday, February 01, 2004

What we have here is a failure to AUTOMATE
Discussing the relevancy of IT investments.

The history of economics itself reveals the passionate desire to develop not only standards for business, trade, commerce, and labor but to perfect the standard in a fully automated way so as to alleviate the burden and to thrive in the success of evolutionary progress.

Current events illustrate the myriad of ways in which the economy may suffer in the face of those that would deviate from the original plan. Progress becomes constipated. Saying it this way brings humor into the scenario though deep down we all no there is nothing truly humorous about it when it is present or future tense.

As the country strives to deliver itself and its allies from economic struggle it becomes more obvious that the real effort needs to be in the form of reinvesting in the plan. Even the social problems that have and will continue to erupt within society can only worsen when the economy staggers.

Regardless of the inevitable politics of software development and IT infrastructure there is still a real and present need for business to accommodate the advances that technology provides. The work force needs to be released from the pressure of having to perform too many tasks and be responsible for too many vital requirements. Organization and convenience are applicable terms to every single person in the world.

Therefore it becomes far more relevant to implement the most developed advances of software and IT. The benefits of automation implementation are:

1 Greater stability and efficiency
2 Time Saving – more gets done faster
3 Labor relief – less risk of being over worked and underpaid
4 Economic Stimulation – a greater willingness to reinvest in new ideas based on proven effectiveness
5 Increased Employment – growing businesses that have invested in automation and implementing IT as a method of simplifying tasks means that more work may be taken on and more jobs will be available as a result.
6 Solutions Development – Greater regard for the conceptualization of IT means to also guide the future of said developments for more direct problem identifying and solutions applications.

Since I have been unemployed I have found that more often than not the average job requirements still demand experience in labor that may now be automated. Will there be negative effects to this fact? Not if there is enough information about technology developments to begin with, obviously proficiencies in Microsoft Office may be feared unsatisfactory in the face of competitive software. Most of us know this should not be so. If you understand the one it should be easy to use others. The key factor in determining good software is defined by the ease in which anyone may master usage for multiple tasking.

The Internet is also proving to be a thriving force in speeding up research type, marketing information, and communication.

What once took more than a week to do may now be done in less than 24 hours. That is progress.

So if all this is true, what is holding businesses back from investing? Answer: Insufficient information, misinterpretation of significance, lack of funds, lack of encouragement, fear of the unknown.

These are all relevant ideas to consider, however, it is important for businesses of all sizes to recognize the advancement and learn to grow with it. Did people reject the light bulb initially? Perhaps, but this was a temporary thing. Such is the case for IT implementations. Developers don’t really concern themselves with the sales and marketing arenas like they should. Their first concern is perfecting what they are working with or working out.

The next phases will involve converting businesses. Still business owners need to begin waking up on their own and taking the initiative in finding out how technology can improve their business structure and goals. The work force must likewise begin educated themselves on how new technologies are going to effect not only them but also future generations.

The best way to insure that technology works for us is to comprehend its value, purpose, and usefulness in real life scenarios.

Will I find a job that can accommodate my eccentricities? That’s another story.

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