Thursday, November 07, 2002

"Maybe I'll live my whole life, just getting by. Maybe I'll be discovered, maybe I'll be colonized.."

I think this is a good way to start off a new post.

I am really happy that most of my feedback as been healthy and encouraging. Some wasn't. Purist in the blogging community don't like me because, I work in web services. Somehow this makes me a capitalist, perhaps this lingering loathing that one should hope to some day profit from their labour makes you a socialist. Either way, I welcome visitors here.

This blog is about discussing blogging and blog technology and approaches to the creative innovation that must exist to further its potential. My background in web services is my platform but not my inspiration.

I have pissed off a number of folks hanging out in the blogging community as pioneers and purists alike. Others that have taken the time to actually read my content, find my thoughts interesting, refreshing, inspiring, and at the very least worthwhile.

I have altered my blog recently to accommodate some new tools, free at that to help me further my code placing as well as make my blog less "bloggish". These new additions include:

1.A site monitor from Sitemeter
2.A subscribe tool courtesy of Bloglet
3.An ad placed for my registration at Blogsnob

These tools allow me to get an idea if my efforts to get visitors is working, while promoting free enhancement tools, allows me to interact with people who want to read my posts, perhaps even respond, and promote my blog and everyone else in the blogsnob community.

I am happy to do this. I have learned some new tricks regarding code placement utilizing standard html and javascript on a standard template.

I located a discussion forum hosted by inforworld Magazine. Rebecca Blood, whose name is synonymous with Blogging these days hosted her own forum regarding Blogging; fads, business applications, klogs, etc.. I have talked to her personally. I pissed her off immediately. I found it interesting that just days after I approached her with some ideas which she quickly PMS'd on me for thinking such blasphemy, that she would then host a forum in a non purist location like Infoworld, to discuss the very nature of the thoughts I had wanted to go over with her. She's a closet purist, as her need to capitalize on the blog phenomenon is only limited to book sales and groupies. It's a power thing with her, no matter.

The forum is located at Infoworld Forums by now, a whole week later it has been archived from the homepage. Still, there was a lot of response to her forum, many participants, and sign ups for these forums may be held by anyone in addition to newsletter subscriptions. Pretty powerful tool and well sponsored.

I have been surfing in directories and new groups for blogging, looking for new information, new friends, new ideas, and new links.

As a side note this is my first post using the w.bloggar 3.0 download. This gives me ProBlogger tools without the fee. So, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this all goes well.

" can try to train me like a pet, you can try to teach me to behave, I tell you if I haven't learned it yet, I ain't gonna sit, I ain't gonna stayyy.."



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