Saturday, February 28, 2004

The Union of IT

Two years ago when the industry was being abused I asked some developer's why they did not insist on forming a Union? A simple timely question that opened the door to unexpected outrage and alas more columnists posing the same question.

While we are patiently waiting for the unanimous decision of the jury there will be increased speculation and rhetoric to soothe the weary onlookers. Keep in mind that Grunts and table smaking are no cause for alarm to satisfactory answer.

State of the Union

California has an infamous love hate relationship with its unionization process. Our strikes leave nasty stains in media related Union focus. On the one hand California is the Champion of IT as an initiator and connector to ideal work environments as is California the Champion of the under dog, the blue color, the oppressed, rejected, and deprived. A Champion, I say for as long as these groups keep their place and don't interfere with business as usual. The one thing California really can't seem to stand is its middle class. So in some back handed way labor unions represent the detested middle class and that seems the strongest catalyst for anti union sentiment.


There are Unions which are loosely connected to IT, Electrical work, and Globalization. What I am looking at with regard to IT would be that which binds developers looking to preserve their freedom and ability to work consistently regardless of market trends in the world of hardware and software evolutions.

The bottom line is there is nothing to protect Developers from the harsh realities of the rise and fall of trends. There is nothing to perserve their necessity in American industries with alternatives to outsourcing internationally.

The fewer opportunities given to developers to work hands on in real world situations also means the future can expect fewer innovations and creative implementations coming from this area as one hand washes the other. Developers create new solutions and evolutions by locating real issues and developing the next step solutions. With the work leaving the country so will the new ideas in ITs next generation growth.

There has to be some way to keep creativity and stamina alive in the US market and if no one is calling for unions yet, I can only wonder what more has to happen before they do?


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