Sunday, February 08, 2004

Voodoo Blogging

As far as I know it's a term I created to sort of highlight choice blogs that move the edge that much further out and prove that this young medium has the potential to launch a new brand of Artistry.

The much discussed Presidential Candidate Howard Dean had intense popularity because of his online presence. Even I was reluctantly pulled to take notice. Once out in the offline world however, his passion was viewed with less enthusiasm. This is life and the unfortunate really of the 15 min. theory has stood even for bloggers. What I was impressed with though was that the online fuel was enough to rocket him out to the offline world. The result was that he was not prepared to carry it further but the reality is that he did get "there". This makes me really notice that Blogging has the power to launch a new kind of star. Just as MTV changed the world of music by bringing it to you live and in color; so does blogging technology take writing and info sharing to newer fresher heights.

Of course the list of famous people becoming famous bloggers and vice versa is a growing one..

What I want to know now is who is ready to adorn the chicken foot medallion and get down to some serious VooDoo Blogging?


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