Sunday, April 18, 2004

Some "Post Modern" observations of IT.
My use of the term Post Modern is derived from certain concepts referenced in the book "Swerve" by Aishas Tylor and " The Art of War" as translated from Sun-tzu.

Some Key tie-ins I look for when reading hot topics in Industry news are the things that effect or fail to effect the small business effort.

Most recent article topics that caught my attention were: eWeeks "Keeping up with CAN-SPAM Act", Infoworld "Are You a Spammer?", and Network Computing " The Enforcer".

Some recent events and relevations at my current place of employment are: The negatives of investing in IT. Realizing that a large percentage of our customer base are not Internet Savvy or are still rejecting the overall movement of technology.

Small Business technology differs from Enterprise versions in that the majority of data is directly relevant to a customer experience. Small businesses deal with customers Enterprises deal with other businesses and organizations long before a consumer or end user interface is relevant.

The irony is that most development focus is situated toward Enterprise and Government but Small business while being left out in the cold because they are not spending the big bucks has more relational experience to offer the best ideas in development.

Web services are still full of promise but are really going to be more interesting to small business applications because of the price and functionality.

The best investments to small business IT would be from a core business perspective. I considered the benefits of investing in eCommerce and information distribution but I quickly realized that this investment would me a plus for attracting net based business and interest but would do nothing to nuture the customers that have been loyal since before there was such a thing as the internet.

In business sometimes you have to choose. The right answer is always perserve the current customer base first and weave the new customers in along the way. No matter how accurate software becomes there is no substitution for human contanct and consideration.

A large percentage of the population is still not completely comfortable leaving their credit card information to a machine.

Icarus rising

The purpose of building Icarus was to locate and wipe out internet offenders. True offenders are those creating and distributing viruses, worms, and trojans; Even SPAM. But until the development has been perfect ( yawn bend seventh inning stretch). It is being used to exploit P2P.

Misused and misunderstood technology is being developed to police the world of internet. Since its been done off line it is fairly easy to see where this will all end up. I really think the focus of development should be to expand on progress rather than imitate the past. All that to say " Hey, Teachers, leave them kids alone.."

People are misusing their talent for programming what is to stop the same misuse of Icarus? Answer: Not a thing. The real problem exists elsewhere.

Regarding SPAM:
SPAM needs better broader clearer definitions beyond unsolicited email. Legitimate businesses need room to capitalize on affordable growth initiatives without being burdened by the lawlessness of society. In short it is unwise to the limit freedoms of all because some will abuse their freedom. Freedom must continue to thrive because freedom doesn't come from the will or idealology of man rather some place far older and more powerful.

Small Business ventures are being neglected and this is most definitely a big problem for IT.


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