Sunday, January 16, 2005

Don't forget how we got this far

I'ts hard to believe that even though IT is just starting to really kick up some sand its time for a lot of players to retire their jerseys.

I for one still see technology as an evolving entity that has not totally been described or defined yet and yet one writer reminds us all that at some point in ones successful career IT may soon be your turn to give back.

Software Development Magazine

"Give It Back" by Warren Keuffel

"Once you've made more money than you need, how do you pass the time? Two legendary developers volunteer their energy and resources to benefit the communty. How about you?"

"We can't all have a massive impact on society, but as part of a collective effort, we can make a significant contribution."

It was one of the few non political socially conscious technology related articles I have ever read and I hope there will be more to come.

When was the last time Bill Gates invested an afternoon with school aged children who want to be developers of tomorrow?

I think maybe the next time we shell out big bucks for brand name software we need to ask whether this investment is ever going to give back..

I'ts little moves like this that keep open source and small time developers on my mind, in the public eye, and create opportunities not just chances to do big things.

Keep it up. IT might just find its way into heaven yet.



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