Sunday, July 04, 2004

What is RFID and what does IT have to do with IT? produced this definition:

Short for radio frequency, any frequency within the electromagnetic spectrum associated with radio wave propagation. When an RF current is supplied to an antenna, an electromagnetic field is created that then is able to propagate through space.
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RFID is short for Radio Frequency Identification.

My first thought is they have found yet another to locate data or data transmissions at a faster and more accurate level of transmission.

Here's what else I found out:

In earthling terms RFID technology enables a device to read data stored on the chips at a distance, without line-of-sight scanning or physical contact.

Applications currently in use:

Vehicle Tracking
Factory Automation
Anit-theft systems

Who's Benefitting from increased popular and price drops?

US Department of Defense (no more misgivings about where that missle went).


Greater visibility
Product velocity across the supply chain
Better inventory management
Automatic Replenishment
Reduced invoice reconciliations
Stream lining Labor needed on the receiving side
Product Tracing
Reduced product tampering

As with most of the popular technologies the policing aspect is very much the strongest selling point. Technology that watches when I can't. Executives keep their jobs until perpetrators become more sophisticated. RFID alleviates many of the mysteries in corp. mishaps that reduce efficiency and ideally increase goals and customer satisfaction.

Downside, the correct data must be associated with the corresponding RFID tag.

RFID is now in Phase II Operation Deployments Phase III will occurr between 2007-2009 wherein Enterprise Integration will begin.

A good breakdown to explain RFID processes details RFID as a middleware rather than solely a microhardware appliance (data chip).

Crates and Boxes are tagged with RFID Data chips and scanned.
The data is sent to information databases and to EPCIS which identify the data from the chips. RFID middleware translates, integrates, and filters the data to be used with enterprise applications ( i am guess on a front end relevancy for tracking purposes). This data is then transfered as needed to other relational systems to satisfy the break down of information like quantity and prices, inventory (how much product went out so I can reorder), This data is either sent or accessed by all company's involved ( i.e. supplier, buyer, and distributors).

All of this got done and no one has to work overtime or balance discrepancies.

The concensus is that CIO's but all Executives Really are going to make RFID implementation as standard. There is no way around it. Its about fear and control.

As a technology its cool but the moral issues will be as controversial here as anywhere else because our technology implementation is for a perfect world, the reality of it is perfect technology will have no effect on the imperfections of the world that it must function in.

The good news: American Corporations will thrive on!

Still this is not a new effort just a refined automated one. The perils that befall this initiative is no different with technology than without it.

It will decrease the margin of error. This is good news in skinnier times when money is less fluid but lets face it we only care about that when times are down. When things are good, well then it goes back to "it's only money"

Like most idealistic technology the government will be its biggest consumers and this will make information about government more likely to become accurate for the people.

Fraud will be much harder to complete because it will require more advance technology savvy with regard to programming.

Where is that missle again? At least now, when we say another country has it we'll have the actual readout to show the UN.

Plane gets hijacked, no worries, we can trace it. Just like the house arrest principle. Maybe we'll all get one!

Retail efficiency is the only improvements we'll see here on the ground.

Whatever, as long as they're buying what we are selling. ;)


Anonymous Jack said...

I probably wont come back, as i found you while i was bored. but i wanted to inform you that RFID is also used in the agriculture industry for livestock tracking.

the use of this is to track the animal from birth to death, and its information is stored electronically. this means it can sold, moved etc and still have its info available.

i guess an ultimate goal would be the ability to order a steak in a resturant and be able to be told where it came from, what it ate, even what colour the beast was.


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