Wednesday, January 05, 2005

what the experts say

What the experts are predicting

2005 IT and you

In my last post I ranted about my personal wish lists in the worlds of IT.

Now I will tell you what the experts are saying:

Wi-Fi was the watch word for 2005 and of course its cousin WLAN; for the novice these are the wireless applications that make it possible for me to get the wireless service package of my dreams.

Telephony and VOIP (voice over IP) are the next growing trends in applications technologies. These applications make wirelessness more effective and useful in addition to leaving room for convenience applications innovations for the work place and data travel. I predict that 2006 and beyond you will find that data travel will be more active than vacationing. Of course it could well be a tie as the more your data can move around and get where it needs to go the more time you will have to enjoy a break (assuming they didnÂ?t find it easier to lay you off). Lol

Wiki is making a move to the work place. For those of you unfamiliar with Wiki it is a publishing format similar in concept to blogs in that numerous individuals may write, post, and publish messages in the form of structured and unstructured data. The main difference between blogs and wikiÂ?s I would parallel to boxers vs. briefs. Support is the bottom line. Blogs are slightly more structured its not quite as simple to use by any infinite number of unknown individuals. WikiÂ?s is a more open platform anyone may access and post which means not only employees but also customers and visitors alike my freely post to a Wiki without the same security conflicts as blogs. With blogs only designated participants have publishing access.

Acer, Modzilla, Gateway, EMC, and Juniper Networks got named as companies to watch.

Likewise for Mobile and Wireless (WiFi and WLAN) Airgo, Belair, Cisco, Intel, and Sybase received noteable mention.

Digital Convergence was a new one for me. Most of the top 8 focal points in IT are the same every year though their standing in the list may change.

Digital Convergence just so it is clear represents VOIP. So youÂ?re not Really late for class again. Some tools are just IT maintenance related.

Databases are getting favorable attention again though not for the same reasons predicted in the 1980Â?s. ThatÂ?s ok because where data goes databases will be there at various destination points to house, organize, and structure it.

RFID was a burning thing in late 2004 with WalMart being the first big retailer to utilize this technology. RFID is going to make life a simpler for major outlets and import / export efforts because there will be less to no merchandise losses. The days of shipping 2million pieces means the arrival of 2 million pieces. This will hopefully lead to lower prices and low price stability. J

IBMDB2 was on everyoneÂ?s list for recommended database tools. (FYI)

Feeling a little insecure?

No need there is a lot you can do to prevent major security problems. Information is vital learn how your current security system works. Get in depth information and spread the word during meetings and conferences. Knowing is always half the battle. Just remember most security threats have more to do with your software vendor than your actual company. This is precisely why wireless technology applications will be able to successfully press on.

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