Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Looking Back at IT

I did some digging during 2004s "wrap up" and some key features, magazines, and articles caught my attention well enough to bring IT to you..

Some top Achievers:

InfoWorld Magazine

What did they do?:

They knew went to lighten up. They developed some personal touch articles that made it ok to be confused about the IT movement and ok to see room for improvement by pointing out some of their own day to day experiences. Sometimes you make more progress but not making everyone feel stupid.

eWeek Magazine

What did they do?:

They bring it to you straight from corporate vendors. They remain objective about development strategies and continue to strongly represent the consumer's perspective in the midst of controversy. They do not let their advertisers influence their article content. Honesty sells longer than lies.

Last but not least

Network Computing Magazine

What did they do?:

They have long been the younger sibling in the trade world but they have in 2004 consistantly recognized specific and too easily overlooked problems. They have brought in the human side to technology and comfortably distance themselves from being either too nerdy or too trendy to be of real use to their readers. In short, they grew up; got hip; become very kewl!

Some specific articles that impressed me from them were also cover stories like:

"Wide area wireless data: Forever Evolving" by Peter Rysavy
"Special Issue: Affordable IT" this was the work of several contributors and some useful starting points for offering a variety of relevant and affordable solutions services for tighter budgets.

What's my Point?:

I wanted to throw in some positives for those who: Want to get a heads up on things (business and technology) but don't really need to waste time starting over. "I have email." "I do own and know how to use my cell phone." types of folks.

Technology is here afterall to make your life easier, make businesses run smoother, and take the pressure off of the work force so we can get on with life and invest in the future. Having time for video games is a nice perk in the day too.

Technology is also good for the kids, makes running a home more efficient so you actually have time to teach the kids something and help them develop important social skills that make sweet childhood memories lasting ones.



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