Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What Else Are They Saying?

The procedure for the end of year in Technology Trade Publishing is to reflect on what happened, what changed, what went wrong, and what succeeded.

The protocol for a new year is to analyze the data and news from the previous year in order to project some focus / perspective for this one. IT cannot afford another delusion!

So as we get deeper into the first editions for 2005; I will have and review more of what's being put out there to make consumers more aware of how the future is shaping up.

Technology~isn't necessarily for everybody but will effect everyone's day to day life and those of their offspring. So stay tuned.

What had to say:
  • IT spending trends on the Rise
  • RFID - will continue to get more attention and customers
  • Slight increases in IT salaries and Network Administration
  • SMB- will still be IT's biggest concern
  • Security, Privacy, and the Government will still be on the worry list
  • Microsoft will show signs of wear for the consumer beginning with browser concerns but hopefully ending with OS options on the rise.
  • VOIP - very important in their mind too.
What (CIO Insight) had to say: Plus "()" real world translations for the layman by Camille Jacks.
  1. IT spending is on the rise (goodie)
  2. Big Money is on the Customer(hey wait, revenue comes from sales)
  3. IT will "eke" out more productivity gains (did you say,"eke?")
  4. Speed Transparancy and Personalization Matter(so honesty and respect are good things?)
  5. CIO's will fall into the New Alignment Trap (its your fault, its your responsibility, its your problem)
  6. Retailing has become the industry to watch(what a minute, some people like to shop?)
  7. No Relief for "Penny-Pinched" CIOs (cheaper doesn't mean effective)
  8. The CIO Turnover Rate is about to Jump ("You're FIRED!"-"You're HIRED!")
  9. CIOs will need more business experience to Succeed(HU?! But My uncle said..)
  10. IT staff Levels will grow Modestly(we need some help with this, I know I said I could but..)
  11. Offshoring's Bark Stays Bigger than Its Bite(scared ya didn't I, ya little commy bastaad)
  12. CIOs will refocus on recruiting and retaining IT(do you know what your are doing? you should know what you are doing . This is going to cost a fortune.)
  13. Budgeting Processes will Continue to Get Better(a penny saved is a penny earned)
  14. ROI practices will get more creative(how about if we *** ***=increase sales this way)
  15. Project Management Standards will get tougher(NO!)
  16. B.O.D will sharpen focus on IT(Gentlemen I think we should..)
  17. Performance Measurement come of Age(Alright!)
  18. Security problems will skyrocket(what the?! holy shit! get someone in here.. NOW!)
  19. IT goes on permanent war footing(OK bigger picture, big world, current events WOW!)
  20. "Sarbanse-Oxley" will continue to cause trouble( bad many times have I told you..)
  21. Compliance Becomes a Top IT Priority(how's that going to work? I thought you knew?)
  22. Risk Management won't prevent IT Risk Taking (lets do it!)
  23. More Companies Call themselves early adaptors (we knew that already!)
  24. Infrastructure moves to the front burner * this seemed crucial (well, if we do then we'll also have to, wait maybe we can just..hmm)
  25. The Sun sets on Legacy Systems (out with the old in with the new)
  26. CRM usage will explode (are we seeing a pattern here)
  27. Web Services Become a Cornerstone Technology ( can you wiggle your toes)
  28. Wireless work becomes the Norm ( breathe in deeply for me)
  29. New Technology Gains Traction (your heart rate is stable)
  30. CIOs want more from Vendors (read the first line for me)


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