Saturday, June 12, 2004

Gotta love IT

You may or may not comfortably use words like Content Management or data transference but one of the main reasons developers of all levels love blogs is because blogs catapulted RSS much in the way a B movie can bring you the next leading man.

RSS means anyone can specifically request content from numerous sources as often as these sources are updated. RSS feeds mean you control what information is coming to you and from where.

RSS means a new way of claiming information and media preferences.

Swimming with Sharks, you may need more than .NET

Small to mid sized businesses looking to increase in volume perhaps even provide a little competition for the big guys means pulling IT resources within your budget. After all it doesn't have to be as big it just has to work functionally in a superior manner.

.NET means to prove its value as a complex concentrated web service that thoroughly comprehends the dynamic of business needs.

The bigger concern? Finding local developers in your town, community, district [what have you] that have the expertise to master .NET well enough to be of reliable service to you the small but gaining speed business.

Like most of Microsoft's serious initiatives they are definitely complex enough to give you what you want but modifying it means being a Microsoft Software Developer or knowing enough to recognize a good one.

You need IT but trusting someone to do IT for you is another issue.

Still if you are selling goods on the net .NET could be the next best thing for your business.

Is there such a thing as good Data gone Bad?

DM Review published an article "Enticing But Dangerous: Assessing Web Services From a Data Quality Perspective"

What I was able to get from this was that a lot of businesses are still confused about where to impelement IT initiatives.

There is really only one of two areas you need to focus. If the main revenue generator for your business has lots of hands on representatives then your technology needs to reflect their need to keep, store , and manage customer data.

If you don't have an agressive hands on team then you need technology that acts as one on the web.

If you have both then you need to consider technologies of the relational kind that maintain both on and offline information about buying and selling habits.

There is no real bad data. This is why KM (knowledge management) is so relevant. Data of the rawest form has its place even as the seedling to solving more mysteries out there.

It is more important to organize and be responsible with your data than to simply focus on the binge and perge mentality.

Re: Who's Your Data - From Inforworld

Thinking in terms of BI is often too large an endeavor for the average American business. You have to walk before you can enter the New York City Marathon.

BI (business intelligence) as an implemented strategy should be the goal but don't expect it to just happen.

Data preservation is the puzzle that must be put together before the picture is complete. Even the evil genius who means to envision the plan and control circumstance to actualize it must acknowledge that maintaining this is another story; which is co-dependent to circumstance which may be intuited but never controlled.

What does she mean,Bob? Karma, she says and sighs. Karma is the beast that enpowers the master to take slaves until he becomes one himself. Avoid the Matrix by accepting your limitations.

Bring your business to the people then let the people determine the purposefulness of your business. Build up from there.

Who's your data? At your Age BYOD ~ Be Your Own Data!

Real World Security Applications?

That says a lot right there. Solving a problem means predicting it in the first place. You may never find the perfect security application but a good provider will be able to customize to fit your needs, intuit future needs, and roll with the punches when they are wrong without bleeding your budget dry.

When you cannot be saved defend yourself.

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