Monday, June 28, 2004

Some updates:

formerly free weblog's by Dave Winer is free no more. We new there was a capitalist in the house but now that his identity has been uncovered we should be able to rest a little easier.

Dissecting SPAM:

KILLER SPAM still makes headlines as do new technologies that promise to make it go away. SPAM will never go away but lets look at the real issues.


1. SPAM works - it brings in new business and it is either free or damn affordable
2. Because no one can see in the dark. If you don't know where your customer base is SPAMMING is one sure fire method to start finding out and doing something about it.

Why People hate SPAM:

1.We live in a world were viruses and trojans still freely roam and pollute our air waves. One mistake could cause shame, humiliation, and hours of down time.

2.SPAM can be non specific - in a perfect world SPAM would reflect our inner most needs and wants. I am fantasizing about an affordable vacation and I keep getting SPAM about discounts on digital cable.

3.SPAM can be offensive- Penis enlargements, PORN for deviants, and weight loss supplements can be a bit much after previously deleting 200 bulk emails from your folder first thing every day.

4.SPAM can be bulky and take up considerably large amounts of space with out asking or offering a real solution to any of our real problems.

5.SPAM can be fraud - again we don't live in a perfect world. At least if it goes through the mail it can be a federal offense which would bring in some real police action to put tricksters where they belong.

A vast majority of the SPAM we receive is not legitimate, distracts us from our real focus, and often is just fragrant enough to lure people into spending more money than they have or divulging information they should not. Its not nice.

Even with all the worthy complaints SPAM is here to stay. Lets just hope it grows up. If you are going to overload me with ways to spend my money, at least make the effort to send me information on things I need to buy or know about and let me go from there.

Law Breakers in the sense of conartists, scammers, and those selling products or services illegally should be subject to the same intense FDA and FTC anal probe as anyone else.

Banning SPAM altogether; totally unnecessary. You can try to milk a bull but it won't be milk you're drinking.

Still Affordable:

Even with all the controversy IT is still something everyone can afford.

IT won't make you smarter:

Just like in elementary school when we had to learn math. Someone in your class exclaimed," Why can't we just use calculators?"

The answer was then what it is now, because you still need to know how to think.

IT will not ever replace human intelligence but hopefully it will evolve to the point where it can acknowledge any extension of intelligent interaction. This basically means that intelligence can be subjective but your IT should live in the middle so that anyone may interact with it to satisfactory result.


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