Thursday, May 20, 2004

Feeling Down about your IT?

I recently came across an email suffix that seemed a little hard to believe [xxx@f**]. So naturally, I checked out the url just to see for myself.

Sure enough not only was this a legitmate web site complete with a free email service but it also linked cleverly to other like minded web sites.

I try to remain an IT Switzerland in the midst of all the mud slinging that goes on because I believe that the bottom line is the most noble cause of the IT movement. The bottom line being the best IT being available affordably Globally!

Still, I had to share this information as it speaks volumes about the real outrage that as gathered because of Microsoft.

Too, bad Microsoft fans don't go this far to promote them. ;)

Anyway~ here are the links to the email site I found and the link to a related software site I found where hundreds more are also published if you want a good laugh or cringe as the case may be.

In other IT news**

Blogging Makes headlines last week May 27,2004 when on Yahoo! news links noted Rance a blogger said to be a Hollywood A list actor vents his frustrations and findings under the red carpet on his anonymous blog?

Some believe its authenticity without reserve and are fastly hunting to locate the author's identity.

I suppose this type of mystery is why Comic Books makes such good Cinema.

Infoworld releases another Blog Related article "Blogging to Ourselves"
loosing claiming the success of the blog from the once techie oriented Web Log which is how developers learn what their systems have to say about their work. Web logs were once hardware journals regarding their software experience. Developers could learn how to improve their scripting by how well recieved their efforts were recorded on their system logs.

NetWork Computing Announced The Demise of the PDA

The Geek fantacy that never happened kinda like being able to date Super Models just because you had money from selling your largely successful geek notions.

Gadgets and gizmos have their place. The more a Cell Phone may be used as a PDA the easier life will be for the busy and popular. Likewise, price being an option Laptops are more purposeful for working on the run.

PDA's do have a market, however, as some software facilitate mobile sales in real time which will prove its value as they say in the future Grasshopper in the future.

Although the Two articles were some 20 pages apart I located another reason why it is safe to slow the sales of PDA's for the masses. IM another term for Identity Management has become a security focus that IT must secure in order to build confidence in their vision.

Too much savvy and mobility will only serve to compile pre-existing security conflicts with much of technology based business initiatives.

The best answer down play mobility features until we can better harness the safest way to exploit technology to those still working on the ground floor.


Technology is here to stay, whereever you may end up.


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