Sunday, June 20, 2004

Bringing Down the Power of the Blog

eWeeks Opinion section provides us with another blogghater at Another Blog on the Fire

Harnessing the Power of the Blog:

Blogging Down:Not all sites catch fire

I was part of the second generation to participate in blogging. The first group those blogging before 2001. Since I started blogging, I have learned so much about blogging and bloggers. I have also kept a nearsightedly close watch on watch has been published about blogging. The negative comments and mudslinging have subsided in favorite of locating news worthy blogs.

Another Blog on the Fire was a throw back to the earlier anti-blogging rhetoric from 3 and 4 years ago.

There are 5 types of writers:

The Journalism Major: The Cynic; typically believes all the worlds a newspaper and today is the day my writing will line the bird cage or wrap the family fish. Usually have no cause of their own and find most current events entertaining.

The Communication Major: The Opportunist; typically believes that fact and fiction are just perception and often has no qualms about misrepresenting their subject or taking statements out of context to further their own ambitions as a serious writer.

The English Lit Major: The Carrier of Irony; is overwhelmed by the complexity of their own thoughts and feelings thinks everything is relevant and can never locate the bottom line on a topic, subject, or theme. Sees the potential novel in everything; finds self loathing rewarding every time they cannot write.

The Liberal Arts Major: The Idealist; reads frequently thinks frequently, thinks there is a reasonable solution out there. Hopes that the one day they will one day write the right thing at the right moment and change the downward spiral of an illfated universe.

The "Freelancer": Someone who has acknowledged they are or wanted to be all of the above at different points in their life but settled for just writing.

It is the self proclaimed Journalist that is the largest predator of blogging. They are systematically threatened by the blogger. The Journalist likes attention likes the power of forcing you to consume their take on world events. The blogger just wants to give up the information or the story no pomp no circumstance no Pulitzer at the end of the day.

The Journalist is horrified at the notion of just relaying information without drawing conclusions being provocative or adding drama to the situation.

The Journalist hates the blogger for thinking of it first. The blogger lost respect for the Journalist years ago. The Journalist would like to reinitiate the Salem Witch Trials with Bloggers being the modern day witches.

The Journalist hides behind "objectivity" in the hope that a blogging weakness will develop and the Journalist will be free to pounce on the blogger finding triumph in the kill of the dying. Hunting Style: Think Hyena; or Vulture.

I lose even more respect for a Journalist that actually takes the time to write about their skepticism of blogging the Journalist who wants you to be afraid to read a blog is a Journalist who is afraid the proverbial jig is up.


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