Monday, November 11, 2002

What is What?

Like all things worth writing, the act of publishing requires an inner drive to be heard.

I would rather listen.

The plan for my next mission will be to explore the relevancy of peer to peer groups, sites, businesses.

Before this however, I am still on the look out for new tools, new blogs, and new media entries on blogging.

I have followed up on the "Klog" knowledge blog. Where tool enhancements would seem a must. I must admit there were not as many examples as I was expecting. I was thinking somewhere along the lines of a blog with hyper-content and active pages. I was also thinking that perhaps this community of klogs was as large and spread out as blogging itself. So far this theory has not been proven. Based on this my prediction is that klogs will eventually mutate into blogs and then be divided according to the content of content.

I received an interesting question regarding the technical requirements or options for Rss generated queries against a database, generating RSS for alerts and updates to the database. Sounds a little advanced for such a seemingly modest community, however, it's demands like this that make technology go the distance, so that a realistic view can grow into widespread use of a service or method. I liked that.

Treachery in Yahoo! Blogging Groups.

It has been a crazy week of posts and ridicule. Although for a change it was not something I did.
As far as I know under no circumstances will BloggerDev Groups tolerate another non blogger related technical support question.

My advice to would be posters and queries regarding technical support, sadly blogger gives little to none and probably never will, according to some cynics and critics for the record that seekers should try their luck at

Books on Blog:

"We Blog:Publishing online with web logs" by: Baush

"The web log Handbook" by: Rebecca Blood

"Essential Blogging" by: Shelley Powers

"Blogging" by: Biz Stone


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