Monday, July 04, 2005

Is IT time for a Union?

There are reasons, rumors, and fears but is IT time to structure an IT Union?

I have been suggesting this notion often only to get it off my chest for the past five years but, as a loyal IT movement analyst and American I am always inspired to hear pro union sentiment from another writer in ITville.

Jim Rapoza's "A more perfect union" is not so much a powerfully written editorial on the unionization of the IT industry but a subtle observation of the confrontation IT faces when sales are a must and all that makes sales comes with union rules and regulations.

Admittedly, I am a pro union activist in the worst way i.e. a legacy. Great Grandfather was a, grandfather was a, and so on. Now my dad's generation the one still in charge of IT now is not so much an optimist of unionization as the rest of us; associating unions with added hassels of politics and government interface.

Still, trouble is bound to happen anyway, it's the nature of the kind of democracy we are creating in post millennium America. When trouble comes its better to have unions on your side.

Not just to legalize and mandate structure but to preserve quality production, consistent jobs, benefits, and some security for the bad times that love to come and go as frequently as the tides.

Going it alone the first time builds character so they say and makes a man of you but after a certain point it begins to weaken and undermine that which was unstoppable to begin with, its not a new idea but some times what works is all that really matters.

It was a lot of sacrifice and inspiration that has enabled IT to evolve to its present status in only 10 years time. Would that man kind had evolved so rapidly. Still the best way to preserve that which is sacrosanct in design is to lay a solid unflinching foundation that will not crumble. Architecturally speaking its the Arc d' Triumph versus the Colussium.

If you are going to go through that much effort to build it shouldn't it be strong enough to live longer than you?


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