Monday, November 18, 2002

Blogging and eCommerce Part I

As many of you that surf blogs may have found there are ways of utilizing web service tools specifically eCommerce tools. Typically, a blog that promotes more thought provoking political content will promote its posts and attract a larger following for news related content. Why? Because most of the mainstream news only tells a story. Of course, accompanied by an image that skillfully provides the necessary imagery to give the story more meaning or significance.

The common occurance of passionate blog usage is to discuss a particular current event in detail. Some dealing with personal issues or experiences, social issues, political, some deal with misc. issues like music, movies, art, or other interest that are also channeled as commentary for deeper thoughts opinions discussions.

Often times, I find myself more interested in blog news than the "real" news because the publisher of the blog feels that certain events should be interpreted a specific way or that more action must be taken. Its a news response in literal terms. So that mainstream news content gets distributed, people read about it, think about it, and then walk a way with a different idea, feeling, or opinion.

They are able to use this medium as a place to channel those ideas. To store and collect new ideas. On a human level, this type of data collection is important to the very core of our ability to control not repress our existance. I do believe this is the biggest reason for such popularity of blogging. The more effected we are by circumstance the more compelling action becomes. The need to do something meaningful, however, before this understanding can be clearly arrived at, people need to express their thoughts somewhere, getting new ideas, and feedback. The internet thrives in times such as these when much introspection is felt to be necessary regardless of distractions.

Typically, a blog that carries common opinion to a higher level are the ones that request donations to keep going. There are even scattered thoughts on the relevancy of payment for the service of filtering information so that it makes sense so that news becomes personal.

I don't think it's a bad idea to utilize mediums that provide publishing tools like blogging to better grasp life's ironies, to even create a business in so doing is not without ethics in this light. As it is neither exploitive nor co-dependent. Its a pure resource that should not be inhibited by capitalist instincts. You cannot survive in the world today at least on the level that we determine as civilized without money. Purism is an occurance that comes from luxurous circumstance. These circumstances are not a birth right merely circumstance. Therefore, pulling resources together that both apply to real life and improve it while generating economic success are not corrupt measures.

There are many interpretations of globalization, economic security, and ethical capitalism. These concepts when broken down by the analytical process do simplify themselves on a case by case basis. This basis is an honest and real one that should be nutured to avoid corruption rather than criticised by skeptics to kill advancement and ambition.

Certain, purist thoughts should be overlooked for the sake of purity. Ironic perhaps, but clarity in tact it is all but impossible to dismiss the need for human involvment in the construction of the human experience. eCommerce has taken a seedling home in blogging, it has rooted forests throughout the internet. I believe the cultivation of services/web services as a whole are essential in joining the and simplifying the life process. Another way in which to measure the exansiveness of what may be had. First fire, then the wheel, now the internet. With each new tool that man kind learns to use to its advantage the more the possibility for understanding, enlightenment, and even wealth can also grow. The goal to all this living was to learn to do it well, intelligently, skillfully, efficiently, and most of all joyfully.

I think that this time in the process of things should provide reminders of those goals and carry them forward, not to contain them or hold them back.

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