Saturday, November 23, 2002

Community Spirit

To consolidate much of my current research and fact finding I have created a Yahoo Group! called Blogging Community. This group may be located at Blogging Community Group Invitation.

The reason I decided to establish this group had mainly to do with the fact that I couldn't find one like it to join. When I first found blogs through short articles and journal entries, I was immediately intrigued. Based on my experience in the web service industry, software development, and IT services I thought this idea had to be something important.

Thus far, I have found no evidence to support the claim of fad or metaphore. I have found that regardless of content ( there has been no subject not expressed in blogging activity) there is something of a buzz surrounding this practice. The statics for usage popularity alone are staggaring in the web service field that is still technically at its genesis.

There are many groups available to bloggers to bring them closer to the source of this enthusiastic tool, however, many ideas were just too limiting, moderator centric, or conservative to feed the flame.

I get a strong sense that for those that keep a blog and take time to update it frequently, there is more happening for them than just experimentation. Its personal, revealing, and important for an infinite number of reseasons.

As a result I established this new group for blogging with the community spirit in mind. For the purpose of establishing comfort and familiarity for this movement to thrive unconditionally to validate not only its essence but its future.

I have promoted this page modestly as I also work to make more of its offerings. Promoting the links page so that members may feel comfortable promoting their blogs at this group, establishing the links page for useful resources and tools promotion. I wanted members to feel like they could post anything on their minds and get feedback not ridicule.

Much of my experience with other groups has been: One) the moderator is the only one able to post. Two) that you are blasted if your post is deemed off topic by veteran members. Three) that you just get ignored. This is not something that promotes growth, in fact, these situations are what most often determine the future and the expiration date of any socially relevant idea. The question of Will it fade away ?, has less to do with its value and more to do with the attitudes of those promoting it. Negitivity will result in the feeling of discouragement, the days of something which is obviously useful lasting and growing have changed since say the "lightbulb", new creations must be met with new ways of thinking and envisioning the concept itself.

I couldn't let this discouragement happen without giving a little diplomacy and democracy a try. I wanted to support this movement/endeavor and give those that are equally in support of this a chance to get stronger within it. I am glad I did. I look forward to more members, feedback, and conceptual evolutions.

I would like to invite those that blog, like technology, are philosophers of the human existance to join in contribute, answer questions, make moderator recommendations for the group. Most importantly help promote this group by letting your peers know about it.

Thank you in advance for your support!


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