Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Blogging Popularity, The Media, and Journalism Part I

Most of what blogging has grown to become reflects not only the writer/journalist within a lot of us but also an innate conflict between that which is published for our consumption and the thoughts we actually entertain for relevancy.

Blogging, is primarily a free service that maybe eventually become fee based all around. This will be determined by several factors: One being the economy. Providing more user friendly self publishing tools has been proven a successful contribution. I think the more that eCommerce flourishes to play a part in the act of blogging or blog publishing the more likely blog host and developers will see a tremendous turn over.

There is a growing amount of attention being paid to blogging because of the significant user increase in such a short period of time. Marketing analyst live for moments such as these when there appears to be light at the end of the internet commerce tunnel. The greater awareness has been that so many providers of blog hosting, however reliable or unreliable, are investing in their own ideas. Web services in general have had to do this because of the tremendous disruption in technology investments. This gets attention because it's not a common business practice.

Innovation to simplify only reminds me of Henry David Thoreau. His views on technology growth versus the real world. Perhaps this is why I find myself often sitting in the eye of the storm. Much of the Marketing enthusiasm of web logging centralizes around the reincarnation of pre 9-11 terms like B2B (business to business) and P2P (peer to peer) discoveries. A new way to ease and streamline online demands so that the vendors or technology providers would have some rough outline of what their focus should be.

I think it makes sense in a non threatening way. What has become unattractive is that their has been a dark side lingering in IT. The suspicion of greed, manipulation, and monopolistic control determining the future of IT success and evolution rather than the necessity of the people.Or should I say demands?

There exists the potential of some threat to smaller venors seeking to advance, however, having big vendor support for web service innovations is not a bad thing as long as it exists as support and not influence or dominate. Mitch Kapor is a front runner for Open Source Applications, encouranging vendors like Microsoft to pay attention to these new facts and findings and to help accomodate them in a fundamental way. OSA Blog and Osafoundation are links to pages that provide more insight to the effort and up to date records on results.

Still, the majority of serious blogging still belongs to journalist who write professionally but, privately require an outlet for ideas and thoughts that require a more open-minded audience. These are labors of love and sanity. Donation friendly but not dependant publishings. Questions linger as to whether or not blogs can become more than a canvase for the musings of a frustrated or repressed journalists. It can be and the longer these services remain free, the more likely they will be.

Blogs are popular content reads, for the same reason that porn or erotic content does so well. Taboos are intriguing. It feels more real to read what people are thinking rather than what they want you to think they are thinking. We have free speach but we also have emotional repression. Any writer that dares to delve into the topics or expressions that are not deemed palatable by mainstream publishers will find a new kind of cult following guaranteed.

Andrew Sullivan is another note worthy blog journalist who publishes interesting mind tingling food for thought. I cannot help but get drawn into the very nature I observe. It's sinfully delicious in a not so sinful way.

So that while the speculation for what is really happening here, where it is going to lead, how much money can be made, and why did this happen in the first place may proove never ending to the philosophers of life, staying tuned in to find out is the cult of personality that everyone is guilty of, after all they say its the journey not the destination that counts.

For blogging and its IT roots this can be no exception.

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