Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Where do we go from here?

In my previous posts, I have discussed the potential for eCommerce, introspection into personal publishing, and web service contributions. I have also made mention to data mining. Data mining is still a relatively new concept to the web and as the web evolves so will data minings definition and translation capabilities.

Thus far, what data mining has done for me is to encourage researching of individual blogs, blogging related articles, and blogs that have actively provided tools for the purpose of encourage user creativity.

Although, no one piece of information has enlightened me with its content when I consider and assimilate this information, I am inspired to keep building on my own interests and ideas.

I believe this is the gift that shouldn’t be denied by those interested in this movement as well as being a vital and active participant.

Articles like: Blogging, what is it?, Will Blog for Cash (webby lament), and Small Business Blogging. Provided a considerable amount of encouragement from the higher sources. Experienced journalists, software developers, and regular Joe’s who can recall life before blogging and are refreshed by the tool itself.

I am not certain that the average user has the same level of appreciation for what this web service offering is really doing, however, getting information from the most reliable and usually fundamental places, those that pioneered this service from inception are the best ways to stay focused and inspired continually as you develop more customized personal/professional interest (see also Open Source As a Business Strategy and It's Tool Time.
Even on basic levels it’s eye catching. You cannot say this about technology across the board. Finding out about blogging is to immediately and compulsively want to participate in it.

Whether your interests are: Technical i.e. experimenting with code, template design; Creative, writing, logging information, just plain romantic fascination or some combination in between. Blogging is an ideal and timely platform to express these personal fetishes for more than just sinless self indulgence.

Open sourcing and peer2peer are also thriving with greater freedom within the realm of blogs. When you hear the frustrated rantings of journalist accustomed to being paid to write you encounter a very small reflection of the average blogger. What determines the possibility for revenue is content. Is your writing or “ethereal” blog content really so prolific that you should expect donation? If yes, well then do it. Most of the information that is interesting in the future tense is not in and of itself pure enough to arouse this expectation therefore, simply obtaining a hands on self controlled tool is rewarding for those looking to pioneer further with this tool serving as a foundation.

Some new ideas are incorporating not only business applications but educational ones as well. I think this is an excellent idea for making more of moments that could use some insightful revamping.

Whatever brought you to wonder about blogging. I hope that you continue looking for ways to take it further.

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